Jiang Ye

Author: Mao Ni,Keng

Status: Ongoing    RSS

Genre: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Historical , Shounen ,

Update: Feb 12, 2019

Jiang Ye

Next update: about Feb 19, 2019


[Summary by OSTNT]

A remake of the popular novel Jiang Ye! One of Tang Dynasty’s ordinary soldiers, a small yet courageous boy, Ning Que, received an order to escort a carriage. He bids his farwell to Weicheng, and heads towards Chang An!

Original comic: http://www.u17.com/comic/71560.html


Jiang Ye Ch.55 : Is the Lord High Priest of the Tang Empire All That Great? new Feb 12, 2019
Jiang Ye Ch.54 : The Biggest Joke Dec 4, 2018
Jiang Ye Ch.53 : The Battle at the Foot of the Mountain Nov 24, 2018
Jiang Ye Ch.52 : Waiting Eighteen Years for a Successor Nov 8, 2018
Jiang Ye Ch.51 : Behind the Clouds, Two Bolts from the Blue; One Note, One Piece of Calligraphy Aug 18, 2018
Jiang Ye Ch.50 : The View from the Top (Part 2) Jul 22, 2018
Jiang Ye Ch.49 : The View from the Top (Part 1) Jun 9, 2018
Jiang Ye Ch.48 : Carving Through the Path Jun 1, 2018
Jiang Ye Ch.47 : The Silver Path, The Wooden Gate, and Entering the Mist (... Apr 23, 2018
Jiang Ye Ch.46 Apr 2, 2018

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