Complex (MANDA Ringo)

Author: Manda Ringo

Status: Completed   

Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance , Slice of Life , Yaoi ,

Update: Sep 22, 2014

Complex (MANDA Ringo)

Next update: about Sep 29, 2014


Complex is a multi-volume series which tells the story of Tatsuya Fujioka and Shinozaki Junichi. It begins in elementary school, during a critical event in both their lives. The story continues in succeeding volumes by covering periods of turbulence and growth as their lives progress. At times years pass between chapters; revealing moments that are funny, mellow, poignant, sweet or sad. Complex is unusually candid without being too over-the-top despite being in both the yaoi and drama genres.
Volume 1:
Tatsuya and Shinozaki are in 5th grade and the best of friends. One day the music teacher, a perverted pedo, has a request for Yumi (a girl who uses the teacher to get expensive gifts). With designs on Tatsuya, the teacher wants Yumi to use his best friend Shinozaki (who recently confessed), as bait to lure Tatsuya to the music room. Shinozaki and Tatsuya's future does not look good...
Note: This story is based on a critical plot component which, while vaguely drawn and quite brief, is still technically shotacon. As such some readers may find it objectional. Unfortunately this takes place in the very first chapter of volume 1 (and recapped in volume 2). None of the later material in the story has any shotacon content at all.
Volume 2 - 4:
Attempting to write a suitable introductory comment for the remaining volumes just isn't possible. No matter how generic the details used, they are still spoilers for readers making their way through the series. If you enjoyed the first volume the next three will not disappoint you - although their are a few plot twists.


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