After 5 Wa Kiss No Ame

Author: Kamo Nabako

Status: Ongoing    RSS

Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance , Yaoi ,

Update: Sep 22, 2014

After 5 Wa Kiss No Ame

Next update: about Sep 29, 2014


Volume 1>
ch 1-3) After Five is Rain of Kiss, What To Do With Love and The Validity of a Kiss!~
Enomoto is always reprimanded by his chief Tsuda. But when he stays late to finish work, Tsuda will sexually harass him.
ch 4) Meeting in the President's Office~
President and his office worker fall in love, but the president is hiding his identity. What will happen when he's found out?
ch 5) Even If It's For One Moment~
High school gymnastics student is driven by his crazy love to tie up and rape his sempai.
ch 6) Business Trip's Promise~
extra of first couple

Volume 2>
Ch 1) Mega Ton Love~
Tsuda is home sick, and Enomoto falls prey to his replacement.


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